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With a wide range of quality Overhead Door™ residential garage doors available, we can help you find the perfect door for your home.




Our selection of Overhead Door™ commercial doors includes rolling-steel garage doors, insulated and non-insulated doors, doors for internal and external applications and high-performance, sectional-steel and fire-rated doors.



Openers and Accessories

With a history of performance and reliability, Overhead Door™ offers a variety of power levels and specifications to handle multiple garage door weights and sizes, ensuring the ultimate in safety and convenience.


Repairs & Maintenance

In Wilmington, NC, the coastal air can wreak havoc on garage doors. By choosing regular maintenance - checking for rust, lubricating parts, and inspecting cables - you can avoid costly malfunctions.


Curb Appeal

Want to add more curb appeal and make your home "pop"? Just change the garage door, and take it from basic to beautiful. Learn how you can amp up your curb appeal by selecting your next garage door from many different style options, materials, colors and accessories

Style Options

When choosing your new garage door, for most homeowners, nothing is more important than the style and design. Learn more about the three types of styles that you'll find with most garage doors-Traditional, Carriage House, and Modern and find one that suits you and your home.

Choosing a Brand

If you're in the market for a new garage door, you have a lot of choices. As with any home improvement purchase, it's important to choose the right brand. The Overhead Door™ brand has been trusted for more than 95 years and provides an exclusive network of professional distributors and technicians who pride themselves on delivering superior products and expert service.

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We understand that selecting the right garage door can be overwhelming with all of the options out there. Don’t worry! We have you covered with our exclusive Garage Door Selection Guide - a comprehensive resource to make your decision-making process easy.

Our Garage Door Selection Guide helps you find the ideal garage door for your home. It has invaluable insights, tips, and recommendations to ensure you make an informed decision.

Style Showcase: Explore a stunning array of garage door styles, ranging from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. Find the style that perfectly complements your home's architecture and showcases your personal taste.

Material Matters: Discover the different garage door materials available and understand their unique benefits. From durable steel and rustic wood to low-maintenance fiberglass and eco-friendly options, we'll help you choose what suits your needs best.

Color and Finish Options: Check out color and finish options to accentuate your home's exterior and create a cohesive, eye-catching look that leaves a lasting impression.

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Your garage door is one of the most prominent features of your home's exterior, playing a crucial role in its overall curb appeal. A well-chosen garage door not only enhances your home's aesthetics but also adds value to your property. In fact, studies show that investing in a new garage door can yield a high return on investment when it comes to selling your home.

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New Construction

Whether you're building a new home or commercial property, trust us to provide expert guidance and top-notch garage door solutions that perfectly match your project's requirements and enhance the overall aesthetics.

Service & Repair

Our highly skilled technicians are here to keep your garage doors running smoothly and safely. From fixing broken springs and cables to troubleshooting opener issues, we provide prompt and reliable repairs to ensure your daily routine isn't disrupted.


Elevate your property's appearance and functionality with our professional garage door installation services. With precision and attention to detail, we'll flawlessly integrate the perfect garage door into your home or business.

Remodel and Replacement

Give your property a refreshing makeover with our remodel and replacement services. Upgrade your old, worn-out garage door to a modern, stylish one, adding value and curb appeal to your home or business.


Ensure the safety and longevity of your garage doors with our thorough inspection services. Our experts will assess your doors' condition, identify potential issues, and offer tailored solutions for long-lasting performance.

Warranty & Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty coverage and routine maintenance plans. Our team will keep your garage doors in top shape, extending their lifespan and minimizing unexpected repairs.

Making North Carolina Beautiful,
One Garage Door at a Time.

At our core, we are driven by a passion for enhancing the visual appeal of your property, and we do so by focusing on one crucial element: your garage door.

As your trusted and reliable team of local garage door installers and repair experts, we are committed to providing exceptional service and top-quality products that meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking to upgrade the appearance of your home or improve the functionality and safety of your garage door, we are here to help every step of the way. With our attention to detail and customer-focused approach, we guarantee to deliver the results you deserve.