4 Reasons Your Commercial Garage Door Opener Keeps Breaking

If your business operates every day, then your commercial garage door needs to operate every day. If your commercial garage door keeps breaking, you could be losing money and losing customers. It’s important to solve this problem!

Knowing why your commercial garage door opener keeps breaking can help you avoid future breakdowns to ensure continuity of business operations. Below are some of the most common reasons that commercial garage doors break.

1. Reaching the End of Its Service Life

Typical commercial garage door openers last between 15 and 30 years. As your garage door opener is nearing the end of its service life, it may start to break down on a regular basis.

You can try repairing it, but the parts are old enough that it will only break down again. If your garage door is reaching the end of its service life, the only way to stop it from breaking down further is to replace it altogether. Talk to your commercial garage door repair person to learn more.

2. Your Door Needs Regular Tune-Ups

Every garage door needs regular tune-ups – whether they’re new or old. Getting tune-ups can help you avoid breakdowns because your garage door repair person will identify problems before they become so serious that your door breaks. Tune-ups also help keep the parts of your garage door in balance and alignment, which can help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your door and garage door opener.

If you’re not getting your garage door tuned up on a regular basis, do this annually. Find a repair person from a reputable company.

3. It’s Not Being Treated Properly

It could be that your garage door is being opened and closed needlessly by staff people. If this is the case, your garage door may be accumulating unnecessary wear and tear.

It may be time to put policies into place that will prevent this from happening. Work with the managers at your business to create employee policies to control the usage of your commercial garage door.

Instituting policies may not be enough. Plan to train your employees to use the garage door properly. This will reinforce your policies and ensure that everyone understands what the policies are.

4. Your Building Has Some Maintenance Problems

Roof leaks and other types of leaks can cause corrosion, rust and may even cause the moving parts of your garage door to become misaligned. Check the area around your garage door to look for evidence of a leak or other problems.

Look for stains on the ceiling and the walls and rusted parts around your garage door. If you see any of these problems, this could be a sign that your building needs some maintenance. Stop the leak to protect your garage door.

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