5 Things You Should Do Frequently to Ensure Optimal Garage Door Performance

When your garage door is working properly, it is easy to ignore and assume everything is well. Many homeowners take their garage doors for granted when they are opening and closing as required. However, failure to frequently check up on the door even when it’s performing normally may result in problems that will eventually require extensive repairs. The best way to ensure your garage door continues performing at optimal levels and serves you for a long time is to undertake a few maintenance steps regularly.

Here are 5 things that you should do often to ensure optimal garage door performance:

1.    Always pay attention to your garage door

This is a very simple step that can make all the difference in your garage door’s general performance. Every day or every time you operate your garage door, pay attention to simple details such as its movement, balance and noises. Does the garage door move smoothly on its track? Does it make weird noises when opening and closing? Does it seem unbalanced when opening? Does it reverse its direction when there is an object in its path? Such simple observations can tell you much about a garage door’s condition and whether it needs professional attention.

2.    Tighten loose nuts and bolts, or any other loose hardware

On average, you open your garage door over a thousand times a year. This frequent movement of such a heavy structure inevitably results in the loosening of bolts, nuts, and other hardware holding the door components together. Therefore, regularly tighten this hardware with various tightening tools that are readily available at your local hardware store. A garage door that is firmly fixed will perform well and last longer than a loose one.

3.    Inspect and test the garage door springs

When a garage door isn’t balanced properly, its springs do not perform as they are supposed to. This can cause the garage door opener to have a hard time operating, causing it to wear out sooner than expected. Check your garage door’s balance by pulling the release handle to detach the opener and then manually push the door about halfway up before letting go. If the door slides down, the springs are not working properly and should be repaired. Always leave repairing garage door springs to professionals.

4.    Lubricate all moving parts

This is also a simple step that you should undertake regularly for the optimal performance of your garage door. Oil the rollers, hinges, bearings, tracks, pulleys and other moving parts at least once a year. If certain hinges or rollers seem stuck, use kerosene to soak them. Wipe areas with rust using steel wool and then clean them before applying a lubricant. Remember to only use lubricants that are recommended by the manufacturer and your garage door professional.

5.    Inspect your auto-reverse safety mechanism

Frequently inspect your auto-reverse safety mechanism to guarantee safety for your family. To test mechanical safety mechanisms, simply put an object in the garage door’s path and then close it. If the door doesn’t reverse immediately after touching the object, have a professional look at your system. If your garage door uses the photo-eye safety mechanism, pass an object in the door’s path when the door is closing down and see if it automatically reverses its direction. If it doesn’t, it means the photo eyes aren’t sending signals as they are supposed to and it’s recommended that you consult a professional right away.

With these 5 simple steps, you can easily make sure that your door operates at an optimum level at all times. These steps will also reduce the need for repairs and help prolong your door’s lifespan.

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