Buying a Wooden Garage Door? 4 Ways to Protect Your Investment

Wood is the most traditional and beloved building materials there is. Its warmth, charm, and pleasing texture just can’t be replicated in any other material. It’s no wonder that wooden garage doors are the pinnacle of beauty, elegance, and sophistication.

If you’ve recently bought a wooden garage door, you may have a lot to learn about how to care for and maintain it. With proper care, a wooden door can last for decades. In this article, we’ll touch upon some smart things you can do to prevent your wooden garage door from falling into disrepair.

1. Inspect Your Garage Door (and Opener) Regularly

Inspect your garage door and opener on a regular basis. Wooden garage doors are heavy and require a good opener to withstand years of lifting and lowering your garage door. In addition, if the garage door is in any way off balance, this can place extra strain on the opener, which can lead to additional wear and tear. You can either inspect the opener yourself, or you can hire a professional. We recommend you get a tune-up from a professional who will:

  • Tighten nuts and bolts
  • Lubricate screws and joints
  • Test the safety systems
  • Check mechanics of the garage door opener
  • Inspect the garage door panels
  • Diagnose conditions and make recommendations for repairs

2. Paint or Seal Your Wooden Garage Door As Needed

Wood needs to be protected from moisture, which means it needs to be sealed. You can do this either by coating it in stain and sealer or by painting the door. Once your wooden garage door has been painted, you’ll probably have to keep painting it for the duration of its service life, so be sure that painting is right for you!

Most wooden garage doors need to be painted every 5 years or so, give or take a few years depending on how sheltered from wind and rain the door is. Watch for signs that your garage door needs to be repainted or sealed. Signs include:

  • Paint or sealer is wearing away to reveal raw wood underneath.
  • The garage door is starting to look damaged or stained at the point where it meets the ground.
  • The paint is starting to fade.

3. Buy a Door from a Reputable Supplier

Buy your wooden garage door from a reputable supplier known for selling quality products. The better the supplier, the better the quality of the garage door.

4. Make Repairs as Needed

If you’re getting your garage door tuned up on an annual basis, then you may occasionally become aware (through your garage door technician) of repairs that need to be made. Making repairs as needed can help prevent your garage door opener from wearing down and can also help you avoid an uncomfortable situation with a broken garage door.

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