Does Color Matter on Your Commercial Garage Doors?

Commercial garage doors serve a utilitarian function, so does it really matter what they look like? Some might say no, but we’ve got a different perspective.

The color of your commercial garage doors can affect everything from the temperature of your garage to how attractive your business looks to customers. There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to choose the garage door for your commercial establishment. Here’s what you need to know.

Color Affects Energy Efficiency

Darker colors absorb as much as 85% of the heat from the sun while white absorbs only about 20 or 30% of the heat from the sun. This can make a big difference in the temperature of your commercial garage.

If your garage doors are heating the inside of your garage throughout the summer, then your HVAC system may be required to run harder and longer just to maintain energy efficiency. That can cost your business by raising your utility bills. If your garage is often uncomfortable, it could even lead to high employee turnover, which could cost your business even more money!

If you feel like it’s important to have a dark color on your garage door, talk to us about our steel back insulated doors. Insulation can help block the heat and keep your garage interior cool and comfortable year-round.

Some Colors Are Easier to Clean

Some colors just show dirt a lot less than other colors. If your commercial building is in a dusty area that’s likely to get dirty on a regular basis, then maybe your garage doors would look best if in a color that doesn’t show dirt easily. White doors and black doors both show dirt easily, so we suggest something in brown, beige, or gray.

Curb Appeal Matters

When you think of curb appeal, you probably think of homes. Did you know that curb appeal matters for commercial buildings as well? In fact, one study showed that up to 70 percent of first-time sales are based on curb appeal.

It’s important to choose garage doors that make your business look good – especially if your garage doors face the street where customers can see them. At Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville, we’re happy to help you choose the garage door color that will look best with your building. Our commercial doors come in a range of colors. Contact us to find out more.

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