Garage Door Return on Investment: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Door’s ROI

Compared to other home improvement projects, new garage door installation is a high ROI upgrade that pays back when it’s time to sell. Some sources say garage door ROI can be as high as 95%! Maximizing ROI when installing a new garage door can help make your home worth more money when the time comes to sell your property.

1. Buy a Well-Recognized Brand Name

Brand-name recognition is meaningful to home buyers, especially if the brand name is a reputable and well-respected company in your community. One way that you can impress buyers if you’re selling your home is to drop the name of the company that installed your garage door.

You can include this information in your home listing when the time comes to sell, or you can include a binder of information about the home’s recent upgrades in a noticeable place during home showings. Presenting this information shows that you cared enough about your home improvement project to hire a good company to get the work done.

2. Control Costs

Spending less on your garage door makes it easier to recoup the costs when you sell. Shopping around and comparing costs can help, but take care not to buy the least expensive garage door just for the sake of spending less money. It’s better to buy a reasonably priced garage door from a good garage door installer than it is to buy a garage door from an installer that cuts corners or performs a poor quality installation.

3. Install an Attractive Garage Door

The better your garage door looks, the more it will raise your home’s value. Install an attractive garage door that looks good with your home’s architectural style. Not sure which garage door styles are popular? Talk to your garage door installer to find out more.

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