Holding a Graduation Party in Your Garage? 4 Tips

Graduation season is just around the corner, and your garage is the perfect place to have a party! These three tips can help you get started. By clearing the space, lighting it up and managing the potential noise, you can have a wonderful party to celebrate this important milestone in your loved one’s life.

1. Clear the Space

Garages tend to be cluttered spaces, with little room for people to mingle and talk. Before you can have a party in your garage, clear the floor to make space. Remove (or at least push to the side) garden tools, fertilizers and chemicals. Hang curtains to hide anything that can’t be removed from the garage. If you’re expecting small children to be at the party, put anything dangerous or that can’t be played with in your tool shed. Do not allow children to spend time mingling in a space with garden or household chemicals.

2. Bring in Light

Garages tend to be poorly lit spaces, and those that are well-lit often have blue-cast fluorescent lighting. Hang warm string cafe lights throughout your garage to create a pleasant party environment.

Holiday lights also work, if you’re on a budget and just want to use what you have around the house. String them around your garage and lay them on tables to add to the festive atmosphere.

Another way to bring light into your garage is to open the garage door, if the party takes place during daylight hours. If you plan to open the door during the day and close it when it becomes dark outside, take care to keep any objects out of the path of the doorway so it can be closed easily when the time comes.

3. Make a Noise Plan

Graduation parties can get noisy, which can make problems with the neighbors. Make a plan to control noise. Some suggestions:

  • Leave the garage door closed throughout the party.
  • Keep the door open but use your garage for serving food only (and play music inside the house).
  • Keep the door open but keep music down.

You have options! If your plan does involve playing loud music on your property, communicate with your neighbors. Tell them that you’ll be playing loud music and let them know what time you plan to turn it down. Neighbors are often more patient if they know when they can expect the music to end.

4. Give Your Garage Door a Tune Up

Planning to leave your garage door open during your upcoming graduation party? Get a garage door tune up before the big day. Contact Overhead Door of Fayetteville to schedule your appointment; we’ll ensure that your garage door is properly functioning.