Ideas for Homeowners Trying to Make Space in a Small Garage

People tend to keep a lot of clutter in their garage. In a very small garage, managing that clutter can be very difficult. Maintaining good organization and using all the space available makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll cover basic tips that can help you solve your garage organization problems.

Use the Ceiling

In most garages, the most under-utilized space is near the ceiling. Install a storage rack near the ceiling of the garage to hold your boxes and other possessions. When installing a ceiling storage rack, take note of the maximum weight limit that the rack can hold. A rack of any particular size should be able to hold several hundred pounds. Follow all instructions during installation, or get help from a handyman to ensure the work is done correctly.

If you have an automatic garage door opener, a ceiling rack could stand in the way of your door. Place the door in the “open” position, then find a place where the rack can fit without interfering with or touching the door.

Install Peg Boards

Peg boards make use of another under-utilized part of the garage: the walls. Install peg boards on all four walls to give yourself a place to hang objects like tools, extension cords, umbrellas and so on. Different hooks hold different objects, so when installing a peg board on your walls, explore the possibilities. Decide in advance of buying the hooks what objects you’ll hang from the peg boards. This will help you choose the right hooks.

Purchase Modular Organizers

Modular organizers create storage solutions for objects of all sizes. Modular organizers come in different shapes and sizes, and are made from different materials. Before purchasing modular organizers for your garage, decide in advance what the organizers will hold. Measure the space where the organizers will be stored to ensure they fit.

Buy a Tool Box

Do you have a lot of tools in your garage? If so, you should own a tool box. Tool boxes can be wide and flat, or tall and narrow. In a small garage, the taller the tool box, the better. Purchase one with enough compartments to keep your tools separated and organized by type, size and use.

Remodeling Your Garage? Contact Your Garage Door Repair Technician

Small garages can make big problems when you have a lot to store. If good organization isn’t fixing the problem, it may be time to rebuild or widen your garage.

Anytime you’re considering a full-scale garage remodel, start by contacting a reputable contractor in your area. Working with a licensed professional will help ensure the process goes smoothly. When you’re ready to install a new garage door, contact Overhead Door of Fayetteville. As your garage door contractor, we’ll recommend the right garage door for your home.