Matching Your Garage Door Style to Your Home: 4 Tips for Attractive Garage Door Replacement

Your home’s garage door makes a big impact on the way your home looks. Modern garage doors come in a range of colors and styles and have varying features like windows of different sizes and shapes. When choosing a garage door, it’s important to match the garage door style to the architectural style of your home. If you choose the door carefully, you’re likely to be happier with the appearance of your home. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Shop Around

Start by shopping around for the right installer before choosing the style of garage door that’s right for your home. Evaluate each garage door installer based on their communication styles, whether you like the products they sell, their reputation in their community, and their references. Check references for any installer you’re thinking about hiring.

2. Choose a Company with Many Options

Consider the catalog when trying to decide which garage door installer to hire. Some companies focus on offering budget garage doors. These companies may have limited choices in garage door styles, which means it will be harder for you to find a style that appeals to you.

3. Ask Yourself: Modern or Traditional?

Some garage doors look best in contemporary-style homes, while other garage doors look best installed on a home with a more traditional architectural style. Modern-style garage doors are made with glass and aluminum framing. They allow a lot of light into the garage but can be made with foggy glass to ensure plenty of privacy.

Traditional garage doors are made from materials that look like wood. Some are even made of natural hardwood, which requires a lot of maintenance but is a beautiful material all the same.

If modern style appeals to you, consider Overhead Door Company’s Envy model 956, a full-view aluminum and glass panel door, or the modern aluminum door. If you’re more drawn to traditional garage doors, see our Carriage House collection or our solid wood Signature Carriage collection. There’s a little something for everyone being sold at Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville.

4. Consider the Color as Well As Garage Door Style

Garage doors come in different colors as well as styles. Choose a color that coordinates well with your home’s siding. Neutral colors appeal more to home buyers if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Some garage doors, like vinyl, for example, should not be painted. If you think you might like to change the color of your garage door someday, choose a door made from a material like wood, which can be refinished or painted as needed.

Contact Overhead Door Company for Your New Garage Door Installation

At Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville, we know how important it is for your garage door style to match the look of your home. That’s why we offer a range of residential garage door products for homeowners like you. See our catalog to view our range of residential garage door products.