My Garage Opener Remote Was Stolen. What Should I Do?

You never thought this could happen to you, but it has; your garage opener remote was stolen. Now that it’s gone, you’re wondering if your home and garage are safe. Don’t panic! You can take action to keep your belongings secure and members of your household safe. In fact, taking swift action can help protect you now and into the future.

Call the Police

The first thing you should do any time you’re the victim of a crime is to contact the relevant authorities. Contact the police to report your crime. Depending on what else was stolen, you may need to contact your insurance company to file a claim. Take action quickly. Waiting to file a report or contact your insurance company could lead to delays with your claim or may hurt your chances of resolving the problem.

Deprogram Your Garage Opener Remote

After contacting the police to report your crime, the next step is to reprogram your garage opener system to “forget” the remote. You’ll need to get a new remote to open your door, so speak to your garage door contractor or check online to find a remote that functions with your garage opener.

The reprogramming process varies from one type of garage opener to the next, so check the instructions in your garage opener manual before doing this yourself. If you can’t figure out how to reprogram your automatic garage door opener, contact your garage door contractor for help.

Prevent Theft In the Future

Protect yourself from future thefts! Keep your garage opener remote with you when you park the car for the night, or when you’re leaving your car in a parking lot. Never leave your remote out in the open in your vehicle where it can be seen. If you do leave your remote in the vehicle for any reason, put it someplace it can’t be seen. Placing the remote in the open can encourage thefts or break-ins.

Protect Yourself! Install a New Smart Garage Door Opener

An even better way to protect yourself from this type of theft in the future is to install a new smart garage door opener that can be activated from your smartphone or with voice controls. Modern garage openers make it possible to stop using garage opener remotes all together!

Are you ready to replace your garage door opener? Contact Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville to get a quote and schedule an appointment.