Need a Place to Work? How to Turn Your Garage into a Home Office

Are you looking for a place to work from home? Most garages can be easily converted into office space. Below are some of our best tips for creating a comfortable work environment inside your garage.

1. Control the Temperature

It’s hard to work in a garage that’s uncomfortable, whether it’s too hot or too cold. Controlling the temperature makes it easier to concentrate on your work. If your garage is not insulated, the interior temperature is likely to fluctuate throughout the day.

  • Install an insulated garage door, such as the Thermacore insulated door.
  • Install insulation on the walls by unrolling fiberglass batts between the studs (if the studs are visible).
  • Install a mini-split heat pump to regulate the temperature in the garage.

Not up to the task of completely remodeling your garage? Purchase an insulation kit for your garage door to control the biggest temperature fluctuations. Your garage door contractor can install the insulation on your door if you’re not comfortable doing the work yourself.

Use portable devices like a fan, portable indoor air conditioner or a portable heater to keep your garage the right temperature. Follow all safety precautions when using portable temperature control devices in an enclosed area.

2. Add Attractive Lighting

You’ll need attractive lighting to make your garage a comfortable place to work. Turn off the workshop-quality fluorescent lighting and install a couple warm LED light fixtures near your work station. If you’re choosing to hardwire lamps into your ceiling, take care to avoid installing fixtures in a location that would affect the functionality of your garage door.

A few floor lamps will do if you’re not comfortable installing light fixtures on your ceiling. It’s important to have multiple light sources at your desk to prevent shadows and make working easier.

3. Set Up a Space

You’re going to need a desk and a place to work. Set up a work station in your garage by moving all tools, fertilizers and other clutter out of the way. Choose the most comfortable chair possible. Comfort is important while working, and an uncomfortable chair can be damaging to your back.

4. Give Yourself Space to Move Around

It’s important to maintain mobility while working throughout the day. Clear a space in the middle of your garage to give you an area to pace while you talk on the phone. Alternatively, if you enjoy meditating or doing yoga, lay down a mat or carpet in the middle of your floor. Clean your garage well before laying down a carpet on the floor. If the garage is dirty when you lay down the carpet, you’ll only get the carpet dirty.

5. Get a Garage Door Tune Up

When the weather warms up, you’re going to want to open your garage door to let in fresh air. Get a garage door tune up to ensure that your garage door will open. Your garage door contractor will grease the springs, test the mechanics of your opener, and make recommendations for repair, if repair is necessary.

Contact Your Garage Door Contractor

Your garage door contractor can help you convert your garage into a home office! Contact Overhead Door of Fayetteville. We’ll be happy to help you with your garage door conversion project.