No Time Like the Present! 4 Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door This Year

2021 is here! Are you on the fence about buying a new garage door? We can help you decide! Below we’ve outlined the four best reasons to start the new year with a new garage door. If any of the reasons below describes you, call Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville to get started with a consultation for new garage door installation.

1. You just finished your garage… but the project isn’t complete yet.

Older garage doors don’t always have the best energy efficiency. If your garage was recently finished, the job isn’t complete until you’ve installed an energy-efficient garage door like a Thermacore door from Overhead Door Company. Installing a new Thermacore energy-efficient garage door can help make your garage more comfortable year-round.

2. You want your property to look nicer.

A new garage door makes the whole garage look a little newer! To maximize curb appeal and make your home look its best, buy a door that matches the architectural style of your home. At Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville, we’ve got garage doors in a variety of styles, to accentuate the beauty of your property.

  • Modern aluminum. Our modern aluminum doors have sleek style and superior beauty, perfect for modern-style homes.
  • Carriage style. Bring out the old-world charm in your home with this classic carriage style garage door.
  • Wooden. Wooden garage doors have warmth and beauty – perfect when paired with contemporary or traditional homes.

3. You’re thinking about selling.

Some sources say that new garage doors have a near 100% ROI, which means that installing a new door can boost your home’s value by almost as much as you would spend on the installation.

If you’re selling your home sometime in the coming year or two, this kind of investment really pays off! To maximize your return, be sure to buy a new door from a reputable company with solid products and well-trained garage door installers and technicians. This will help ensure that your garage door will improve your home’s value.

4. You’re tired of the same old garage door.

Old garage doors are often loud and easily broken. New garage doors have smart openers that can be controlled with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Installing a new garage door and opener can make your garage more secure. You’ll worry less about your garage door breaking down while you enjoy the satisfaction of using a garage door that operates smoothly and reliably.

Ready to Install a New Garage Door? Contact Overhead Door Company

Are you convinced? 2021 is a great year to install your new garage door! If you’re ready to install a new garage door in 2021, contact Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville to get started with your new garage door purchase and installation. Call today to make an appointment.