Want to Make Your Garage Door Seal? What You Can Do

Does your garage door seal? It’s supposed to. If you see gaps between your door and the inside of your garage, that could be a problem, and a potential entry point for mice. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Weatherstrip the Door

Check the weatherstripping around your door’s exterior. Weatherstripping should be nailed into the frame just around the door to create a tight fit between your door and the structure. You’ll be able to tell if the weatherstripping is failing if you notice these signs:

  • Your garage is drafty.
  • The area around your garage door feels warmer or colder depending on the time of year.
  • Puddles form just inside your garage door when it rains or snows.
  • The weatherstripping is cracked or broken in some way.

Replace the weatherstripping if it’s needed. If no weatherstripping is installed at all, talk to your garage door contractor to have some installed the first time.

Replace the Door’s U-Shaped Weather Seal

The U-shaped weather seal is a strip of rubber that fills the space between the bottom of the garage and the concrete below. The weather seal prevents vermin from entering your garage and helps keep out moisture. Look for cracks in the weather seal, or gaps between the door and the floor. These signs mean it’s time to replace the weather seal.

Replacing the seal is easy. Open your door until the bottom is at eye level. Stand at one side and grip the U-shaped seal on its end. Slide the old seal out, or slit the strip down the middle length-wise, then remove each half one at a time.

Once the old strip is removed, insert the new one on the same side where you removed the old strip. To do this, bend the strip into a U shape and insert it into the grooves on the bottom of your door. Once the U has been inserted, pull the seal along the grooves until the entire bottom of your door is covered, then trim the end of the seal so it fits properly.

Replace Your Garage Door

It may be time to replace your door altogether. Talk to your contractor about how you can get a new door that fills the gaps in the doorway. New garage doors come with insulation that can also prevent the transfer of energy between the outside and inside of your garage.

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