Why Isn’t My Garage Door Working? 4 Reasons You Might Be Having a Problem

Are you having a problem with your garage door operation? Is your garage door not working, or is it having an off-again on-again problem? If so, there are many things that could be the cause. Knowing the potential sources of your garage door’s issues can help you keep your garage door in good working condition. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most common reasons that garage doors stop working, and what can be done about it.

1. The Automatic Garage Door Opener Battery is Dead

First thing’s first: check to be sure that the system is getting signals from your automatic garage door clicker. If the battery in the clicker is dead, then this is an easy fix. Take out the clicker’s old batteries and install new ones. If the clicker works, problem solved!

While you’re at it, check to be sure that the automatic garage door opener is plugged in. Most likely, the outlet is somewhere in the ceiling near the garage door opener.

2. The Photoelectric Eye is Misaligned, Obstructed, or Dirty

Near the base of your garage door is a sensor called the photoelectric eye. These sensors serve a safety function. When something is in the path of the door, the photoelectric eye will sense the object and prevent the door from opening or closing. If the photoelectric eye is misaligned, or if something is obstructing the sensor, then the door won’t open or close.

The sensors are located at the base of the garage door, on either side. If one of the sensors has been knocked out of alignment, re-align the sensor and the door should work again. If something is blocking one of the sensors, move the object.

If the sensors appear to be in good condition – neither misaligned nor blocked by anything – then clean the sensors with a microfiber cloth. If the sensors are dirty, this could be registering as an obstruction that might prevent the door from opening.

3. The Door was Disengaged

Your garage door has an emergency cord that can be pulled to disengage the door from the automatic opener. Once the door is disengaged, it must be re-engaged before the automatic garage door opener can work again. To re-engage the door, check with your automatic garage door opener’s manual for more instructions.

4. Your Garage Door Needs Repair

If your efforts haven’t worked, then it may be that your garage door needs repair. Call a reputable, qualified garage door installer and repair person to get help with your garage door.

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