3 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Garage Door Contractor

Your commercial garage doors are an important investment. Good garage doors can last for decades while helping your business run efficiently. Whether your business focus is making deliveries, repairing vehicles, or keeping equipment secure in a garage, it’s critically important for your garage doors to function properly. The contractor you choose for your garage door installation will affect the quality and longevity of your garage doors, so choose wisely! Here’s what you need to look for when installing commercial garage doors in your business.

1. Good Reputation and References

Good contractors with a long history in your community will develop a good reputation over time. There are many ways to gauge a contractor’s reputation. Testimonials, licenses, and certifications are all indications that a contractor is serving your community well. A good commercial garage door contractor should also have references that can talk about their good experience with that contractor.

Don’t make assumptions about a contractor’s reputation. Call references before hiring a professional. Questions to ask include:

  • When did you work with this contractor?
  • Would you hire this contractor again?
  • Was the quality of installation good? Have you had problems with your garage doors since they were installed? Has the contractor addressed those problems?
  • What job was the contractor hired to do?

2. Strong Communication and Customer Service

Good communication and good customer service is key to making your garage door installation a smooth and stress-free experience. There are many ways for you to evaluate a contractor’s communication skills and customer service skills.

Take notice of your experience with each contractor from the first phone call. Do they answer the phone promptly? How easy is the consultation scheduling process? Are the phone staff knowledgeable and helpful? Is the contractor who comes to your business also knowledgeable and helpful? If they’re bidding on a job, how quickly do they get the bid to you?

Meet with multiple contractors and evaluate their communication and customer service skills. Be wary of contractors who seem slow to return calls, don’t know the answers, change their answers frequently, contradict themselves when they talk, or who have rough interpersonal skills.

3. Right Price

It’s tempting to hire the contractor that offers the best deal, but it’s more important to hire a contractor that performs quality installations for a fair price. Don’t shop by price alone. Hire a contractor who fits in your budget but who also has a reputation for installing good products that last.

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