4 Holiday Garage Door Decoration Ideas

The best holiday garage door decorations are easy to install, creative, and fun to look at. In this post, we’ll talk about some of our favorite ideas of festive garage door decorations.

1. Projector Lights

Projectors are among the newest craze in residential holiday decorations. Holiday projectors are designed to shine colored lights and shapes on flat surfaces. Projector lights are perfect for decorating garage doors because they don’t interfere with the door’s operation in any way.

If possible, set up your projector from the yard and angle the light to hit the door. If the images on the door are too distorted, set up a planter pot in the middle of your driveway and plant the projector in the center of the pot.

2. Wrapped Gifts and a Tree

Cut up plastic tablecloths into rectangular shapes and attach them to the garage door. Attach bows and ribbons to the rectangular shapes to make them look like presents. Cut up a dark green plastic tablecloth into the shape of a tree, then attach the tree to the door. Decorate the tree to your liking.

This decoration is complex and, depending on how it is applied to the door, it could get in the way of the door’s operation. If you open and close your door regularly, this may not be the best decoration for you.

3. Christmas Laser Lights

Are you looking for something a little flashier and high-tech? Buy some Christmas laser lights to decorate your home with bright, shiny splashes of color that move in patterns. Christmas laser lights are similar to the Christmas projectors, but lasers are often brighter and easier to see when the property is well-lit. This is an excellent decoration to install if you use your garage door throughout the winter, as it will not interfere with the door’s operation.

4. Giant Holiday Wreath

Create a giant holiday wreath with wire and artificial green garland, then hang the wreath on your garage door using wire. Be careful not to nail the wreath into the door, as this could do damage. Holiday wreaths usually prevent homeowners from opening and shutting their garage door, so don’t choose this option if you want to continue to open and close your garage.

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