6 Questions to Ask Before Installing a High Speed Commercial Garage Door

Once you’ve decided to install high-speed commercial garage doors for your building, it’s tempting to get started as soon as possible. Before installation can take place, it’s important to ask your contractor questions about the process and the products. The following questions can help you decide which contractor to hire and which doors to install.

1. Do you have references?

Every garage door contractor should have references, and if they’ve been in business for many years, they should have that many more references. Good references are an indication that the garage door contractor has a long history of installing quality products and making customers happy. Think twice about hiring a contractor who has very limited references, or who does not have references at all.

2. How long will installation take, and when can you get started?

The best contractors are in high demand and often have a queue of work ahead of them before they can start on your job. It’s worth it to wait for the right garage door contractor. If you need the garage doors installed by a certain date, plan ahead by meeting with contractors early. Don’t hire a contractor just because they’re the earliest available; this is the wrong reason to hire a professional.

3. Is your work warrantied? Do the doors have a separate warranty?

If your garage door contractor is installing high-speed commercial garage doors made by a separate company, you may need to evaluate multiple warranties to decide whether the doors are properly protected. It’s better to hire a company sells and installs all their own garage doors, and warranties their own products.

4. Will your employees install the doors or subcontractors?

Employees are trained to do the work to the contractor’s standards, whereas subcontractors have their own business and installation practices. Find out who will be on-site installing your garage doors when the time comes.

5. Who is the point of contact?

Who should you call in the event that you have questions about the installation, either before the job or while it’s taking place? Ideally, the installer you hire will have one point of contact who is available to answer your questions in a timely manner. If the contractor does not have a clear chain of communication, this could be a red flag.

6. When will you get me the quote?

After the contractor visits your site to discuss a larger job, they’ll need to send you a quote. This may take a few days. Be wary of any contractor that does not need to visit your business to provide a quote about high-speed commercial garage doors. Any contractor that provides a quote over the phone site-unseen is not following best practices.

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