Building a New Construction Home? How to Choose Your New Garage Door

When you build a new construction home, you get to choose all the features – including the garage door. Years ago, most garage doors were somewhat homogenous, and there weren’t many choices available. Today, the best garage door installers sell doors in a range of styles and features, so you can choose the garage door that best matches your needs.

Before you make a selection, you should examine the different styles available, consider the way you plan to use your garage, and find a model that fits in your budget. Here’s how we suggest you handle the selection process.

Pick the Style

Garage doors can be sleek and modern, or traditional and classic in their design. At Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville, we sell garage doors in a variety of trendy styles! Here’s what we’ve got in our catalog.

Modern Styles

From frameless aluminum glass garage doors to doors with a modern aluminum frame and attractive foggy windows, our contemporary style garage doors are sleek, beautiful, and perfect for homes built with a modern sensibility.

Traditional Styles

Traditional-style garage doors are popular! Installing one of our traditional style garage doors can raise the value of your home, whether you’re turning to our carriage-style doors in the Carriage House Collection, or you’re drawn to the warmth and beauty of wood in our Traditional Wood Garage Door Collection.

Talk to your installer about the doors you like best, and we can walk you through the choices to make the decision a little easier.

Consider How You’ll Use Your Garage

Before making a final decision, consider how you plan to use the garage in your new home. Will you be spending time in the garage, maybe tinkering at a workbench? If so, then an insulated door can help keep the temperature in your garage comfortable.

Will you be parking one car or two? If you’ll be parking two cars, will you install one large door or two single doors?

Are you concerned about security? If so, talk to your garage door installer about installing a door either without windows or with windows that have been frosted to provide no visibility.

Will you be using the garage door at odd hours, when others in the household are sleeping?  A belt drive will provide quiet functionality that can let others sleep while you open and close the door.

Pick the Right Garage Door Installer for Your New Garage Door

In addition to choosing the right door and the right garage door opener, it’s very important to choose a dependable garage door installer with quality products. Vet your installers by comparing quotes, evaluating their professionalism and customer service, and checking their references.

At Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville, we’ve got a reputation for providing some of the best garage door installation services in the business. Call today to make an appointment to discuss your new garage door for your new construction home.