Hiring a Pro to Inspect Your Commercial Garage Door? Here’s What They’ll Look For

If you’re a business owner with a commercial garage door, you probably rely on that garage door to open and close reliably. Your garage door can help keep your business safe, can contribute to the overall curb appeal of the building, and can even help keep your garage’s interior more energy efficient.

All of this means that there are a lot of reasons that you should get your garage door inspected and repaired on a regular basis. If you’re hiring a skilled garage door repair person to inspect your commercial garage door, it’s helpful to know what they’ll look for. If you have any reason to believe that the inspection won’t cover a part of the door that’s giving you trouble, be sure to tell your garage door repair person about your concerns before the inspection begins.

Springs are Securely Mounted and Calibrated

The garage door springs help perform the heavy lifting when your garage door is raised and lowered. A poorly calibrated spring over your garage door could lead to extra wear and tear on your garage door motor, which can ultimately shorten the service life of your door.

Parts Are Lubricated and Free of Corrosion

There are many moving parts in a modern garage door system. These parts need to stay lubricated in order to keep moving easily. In addition, corrosion can be a sign that your garage door has been exposed to excessive levels of moisture, which could be a sign of problematic conditions occurring inside your garage. Corrosion can also cause your garage door parts to deteriorate.

Weatherstripping Is Properly Installed

Weatherstripping helps control the temperature conditions inside your garage. Over time, the weatherstripping on your garage door can start to deteriorate. Your garage door repair person will inspect the weatherstripping and if it seems to be in poor condition, they may recommend replacing it.

Safety Features Are in Good Condition

All modern garage doors come with sophisticated safety systems that can prevent terrible accidents. These safety systems cause the door to reverse in the event that someone or something is ever in the path of the door. Your garage door repair person will check to ensure that the safety systems for your commercial garage door are functional.

No Repairs Are Needed

Ultimately, the whole point of performing the inspection with your garage door repair person is to ensure that no repairs are needed. If repairs are needed, your garage door repair person can make recommendations to get your door back in proper working condition. If replacement is warranted, your repair person may recommend a replacement, if it’s in your budget.

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