What Are the Benefits of Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors?

Does your business need fire-rated commercial garage doors? It’s hard to decide until you know about the many benefits and features of these doors. Once you understand how useful and fire-rated commercial garage doors are for businesses like yours, you can decide for yourself whether fire-rated doors are important for the safety and security of your commercial building.

About Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors

A fire door is a commercial garage door that can withstand exposure to fire for a certain period of time. Fire doors are made from heavy-duty material and are rated according to the length of time that they can withstand fire.

These doors are used to compartmentalize structures, giving firefighters and the building fire system time to put out the fire before it spreads. Fire-rated doors also give people time to exit the building while the fire remains contained. These commercial garage doors are an important part of any commercial property’s fire-containment and fire protection system. Knowing the benefits of these doors can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Benefits of Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors

Fire-rated commercial doors have many benefits!

  • Protect your property. From computers to upholstery, everything inside your commercial building is vulnerable to damage from smoke and water in the event of a fire. Fire-rated doors stop the spread of smoke and fire throughout your commercial building, hopefully protecting your property from a much larger disaster in the event of a small fire.
  • Protect employees and customers. Think about the people in your commercial building. Fire doors allow those people in your building to escape while fire stays contained inside your building. Using fire doors in your building helps prevent fatalities and injuries due to fire and smoke inhalation.
  • Security. Fire doors are strong, thick, and hard to destroy. They’re very resistant to break-ins, which means that your property is protected from more than just fire.
  • Keep the damage contained. Fires can be expensive to fix, but when the fire stays contained to one area, the damage and expense can be far less.

Who Benefits from a Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Door?

A range of commercial structures use fire-rated doors to keep their business (and the people inside it) safe. If you’re wondering whether you would benefit from a fire-rated door, contact Overhead Door of Fayetteville to learn more about new door installation and which ones are best for you. We sell fire-rated garage doors rated up to 4 hours! Learn more from your garage door installer and repair person. Call today.